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Snow Stops Play

Thanks to a visit from the Beast from the East, 3 point-to-point meetings were forced to abandon last weekend, despite top efforts from the organisers. It was a challenging week at Woodway, with over 30 horses on strict exercise regimes and set for season targets, but we weren't going to let the elements scupper our plans! Thanks to our super team we kept the show on the road, with not one bit of work missed by a single horse. We are lucky enough to have fantastic facilities at our fingertips; both rubber matted walkers meant every horse could have a leg stretch, our 3 furlong all-weather canter loop was a god send, as well as having access to a local gallop where we work the horses. Big Al worked tirelessly between lots in the tractor, harrowing both surfaces for optimum rideability. It is safe to say that there would have been no way we would have got through this tasking time without our marvelous team; from those carrying dozens of buckets of water thanks to frozen taps, to work riders battling the horizontal sleet. With schools and offices being closed due to treacherous driving conditions, it would have been easy for our staff to have had a duvet day, but in they came with high spirits and ready to use plenty of elbow grease! The highlight of the week was seeing Head Girl Leanne back in the saddle after 3 months with a broken ankle. She may have been limping in a boot but she didn't miss a days work from a week following reconstructive surgery, so there was no wiping the smile off her snowy face! Due to having runners entered at all 3 abandoned meetings we were left with some very fit horses with nowhere to go, all of whom took the weather in their stride and behaved impeccably! We even got a mention in the Daily Mail online! Below is a selection of photos from the week!

With the snow now melted and mostly forgotten, Team Hill are looking forward to this weekend of racing. It is the first meeting at our "home" racecourse of Kingston Blount on Saturday, where we are hoping to run 5 horses. Click here for the official preview featuring Alan's thoughts on our entries. It is hoped that the official going will be good to soft on the day.

We also have 6 runners aimed for the meeting at Ampton on Sunday so the work doesn't slow once we get rid of the snow! Thank you again to our magnificent team for keeping the show on the road, fingers crossed for a successful weekend!

Buy your tickets here for an unbeatable day of action at Kingston Blount!

Riding work on the gallops - photographs kindly provided by Eddie Keogh

Court Dismissed & Sharp Suit puzzled by the white stuff falling from the sky whilst waiting to be scoped!

Before we had the full visit from the Beast!

According To Trev in the string

Start Royal having a nuzzle looking for something to graze!

Ballybough Gorta wondering where the all-weather surface has gone!

Gaby modelling the spring/summer Woodway wardrobe!

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