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All Runners Finishing Placed to See Out 2017

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

The annual New Years Eve meeting at Cottenham is always a good days racing and we were hopeful with 3 runners. Firstly we had For N Against in the Mens Open with Joe on. He ran far too fresh for the first circuit before tiring. He finished 4th of 4 but left us feeling disappointed and back to the drawing board.

Next was Ballybough Gorta in the novice riders with Noah who finished 3rd behind an easy winner. The ground was too sticky as he does enjoy it faster, but Noah was again determined and gave a positive ride, gaining further experience which will be put to use in the future.

Finally we ran Desert Retreat in the shorter maiden. It was a very competitive event with 8 runners. He finished a very pleasing 3rd, showing a three mile trip is better in future. All horses were placed which is always pleasing to get back in the pens and hopefully they will better their position in the season ahead.

Gareth Henderson & Desert Retreat

Noah Brazg & Ballybough Gorta

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